Thursday, March 10, 2016

Quiz Games and Healthy Competition

I'm sure many of you have heard of Kahoot the website for creating review games to play in class, a great alternative to old school Jeopardy. I have used it myself countless times in my classes and the students love it. They love to see their names in the leader boards and the competition adds excitement to the event. Recently I found two other websites similar to Kahoot, Quizizz and Quizalize and having tried all three I really recommend Quizizz and let me tell you why. Unlike Kahoot, Quizizz shows the questions on the student devices not just the teachers so you don't need to project your own screen to play.  The scoring and timing are also more accurate and fair because it times each student individually regardless of when he starts and then compares and ranks scores. The student still scores higher the faster he answers but if his page loads slower he is not at a disadvantage since the timer starts when he gets to the question. This also allows you to assign the quiz as homework and they still compete against each other which makes it fun for them. Additionally, Quizizz gives you much better feedback than Kahoot, it will show you how each student performed on each questioned and you can see how many kids missed any given question so its easy to detect what area needs to be taught again.

Everything I said so far about Quizizz is also true of Quizalize, so why do I not recommend the latter? Quizizz lets you use other users public quizzes for free just like Kahoot but Quizalize charges you for using their created content.  So Quizalize is not 100% free.

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