Thursday, November 6, 2014

Awake During Lectures

Now that things have settled in my life and I have become the EdTech Specialist at my high school I have more time to share new tools, I also have more time to research new tools and not just for Religion! A tool that has become an almost daily part of my classroom is Nearpod which has turn lectures into an interactive activity. The free account of  Nearpod lets you import your existing Power Points and then add questions (poll, quiz, drawing, free response...). Once you are done you publish it and it is ready to use in class. In class you need to select the presentation and click go live which generates a code for your students to login and participate, as you get to the questions you see the students's answers in real time.  That's It! It is so easy than even my least techie teachers are using it.  After each class it generates excellent reports with the students answers which saves in your account and has the option of being emailed to you.

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