Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pixton: Worth Paying for It

I rarely advocate a website or tool that is not free but this year I decided to give Pixton for Schools a try. I have used Pixton for Fun a lot in the past but wanted to assign longer projects without the students having to break their stories into three or four parts. Anyway I asked for the money and it was approved and it has been worth every penny. Not only does the school version allow for students to create page long comics with multiple pages but it has a great teacher website. Easy to set up assignments, easy to enroll students, easy to organize and even easy to grade! Yes they have several rubrics( or you can make your own) that are automatically attached to each comic. They also let the students grade themselves and compare it to your grading. The school site also allows several students to work on the same comic and the teacher can easily track progress.
Here is a comic illustrating a Lenten Hymn  submitted by one of my seniors:

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