Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Socrates in Your Classroom

Socrative might not actually be Socrates but this Web 2.0 tool and App is a great way to implement the wise man's method of teaching via discussion and dialogue. I'm ashamed I have not told you about it earlier since I have been using it for two years now, I think I just use it so often that I take it for granted.
The tool is very simple and could be better but its simplicity is part of its beauty. You don't need to setup multiple classrooms or groups, no student accounts are required, it is absolutely free and it is available everywhere. It has an iTunes app, an Android app and works on all browsers taking just a few minutes to get everyone logged on.
Although it has the option for the teacher to preload a quiz or a questions it is not necessary. I love it because I can simply ask a question or write it on the board and then everyone has to answer on Socrative. This is good because you can't always predict what questions you need to ask until you are in the middle of the lesson and you notice they are not paying attention or they look really confused or tired and you must do something. The students love it, specially the voting stage where everybody has to read what everyone else wrote t and hopefully vote for their answer! It really keeps the classroom alive and everyone gets to participate not just the chosen few.

The app now has the option of requiring students to write  their names and will email you a report of each session! It gets better and better!

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