Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Command YouTube

This year's final project was another video project but a lot more complex that the Eucharist videos. The rationale was the same, there was very little came up on YouTube that  when you searched any one of the commandments, so I told them we had to fix the problem. What was unique about this project is that they didn't have to do a lot of research, the content was in the textbook but that they had to become the teachers of the content. We covered Commandments 1-3 in class and then I assigned each a group a chapter that dealt with one of the seven remaining commandments. They had to make an 8min video, assign a homework assignment, make a quiz and answer questions from the audience and from me on the content. I gave three weeks worth of class time to accomplish this. You can see here the directions.
In the following weeks I want to show you the best for each because you will not believe how great the homework assignments they created are and how entertaining and accurate their videos!

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