Monday, April 23, 2012

Vocabulary Web - Don't just memorize!

Have you ever wondered what you could do with the vocabulary lists at the end of a chapter? Sure we all have tried crossword puzzles but can we go beyond that? Flashcards, sentences, and the like may lead to memorization but do they understand why those words are there? I came up with an activity that has greatly improved the scores on vocab quizzes and you can use any of the mind mapping sites out there. (Lately I discovered SpiderScribe and I love it! The students like it too because it is the easiest to use so far).
I had the students figure out the connection between the words in the chapter and the theme of the chapter. So for example ch.4 was on Sin and Morality, so I asked how are these words related to the topic of sin? They had to create a map that connected the words and instead of copying the definition they had to write the connection and their own definition of the word. It took them a while and they needed help with some of the words but they did great and the scores on the quiz went up considerably.

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