Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Is ADD the Problem?

I know that most of my posts are about sharing lessons but today I want to share with you a video that I have watched several times and I just think there is a lot of truth to it.
There are two parts that really strike me. One the comparison of the education system to a factory where products are sorted by date and secondly the part about the ADD epidemic.   I would like to suggest some solutions though and not just complain. I invite you to dialogue with me. Here is the video:

The grouping by age really makes no sense, in my own life I knew how to read by age 3 and consequently spent three years of school very bored and getting into trouble. My math skills were also above average however I could not draw or even color within the lines.  So perhaps my 1st grade schedule should have read like this:  Arts 100, Music 100, Writing 200, Reading 300, Math 300, Science 100.  Maybe I would need an aid to help me find my classes but I'm sure by 3rd grade I could navigate the halls on my own. It is only a suggestion...

Regarding the ADD epidemic I can't get over the line about "needing to medicate our children so they can get through school" I am not denying the reality of ADD in fact I think if we were all to be tested most adults would qualify... It is the very essence of our society to multitask, to be surrounded by noise and images... yet we expect our children to sit, listen and copy a whiteboard or power-point. I just came back from a great conference and the sessions that were not interactive I spent a lot more time tweeting! Instead of medicating our children let's engage them! Let's capture their attention with projects and media that sounds and independence.  I just had an ADD students transfer into my class from another religion class that is very traditional, the kid was always in trouble and barely passing, he has an A in my class and absolutely no behavior problems... I don't think he needs any meds!

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