Thursday, February 16, 2012

Web 2.0 and 2nd Grade Religion Class

I am really exited to share with you the work of Mrs. Fisher's 2nd grade class. Mrs. Fischer attended my presentation at the OCCUE TechFest last month about Web 2.0 in the Religion classroom. I was delighted to hear from her a few weeks later telling me how she had jumped right in and started using the tools:

I teach second grade and this week my students will be creating glogs on the frog life cycle. I have also created some of my own and my students are so excited to get started now that they have seen the examples I have created! I have also started a kidblog using I have even embeded my glog, and videos courtesy of on my blog! Without attending your session I wouldn't even know things like this existed. I am amazed at the glogs my students have created this weekend and I haven't even given the lesson yet! I love and the week after next I am planning on having my students create religious cartoons.
I asked her to send me some of the cartoons once they were finished and I just couldn't believe it! These little kids did such a great job...the Web 2.0 tool really allowed them to show what they had learned and use their creativity. Here are a couple of them:


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