Friday, February 10, 2012

Churches, Rites and Liturgies

A great video project that I did with my honor students also on the topic of the Eucharist dealt with a much tougher topic and required lots more research. After spending the entire chapter studying the Latin Rite of the Mass and I wanted them to realize that there is more to the Catholic Church than that. I divided them into large groups (5-6) and assigned a different Rite of the Church to each one. Their objective was not just research the rite but compare and contrast their liturgy with the Latin rite liturgy. I was hoping they realize that despite the fact that they may look different at the heart they are the same. The Word of God in written and in flesh remains the source and summit of any Catholic rite. You can click here to see the directions I gave them and here for the rubric. They had great videos but my favorite is the one on the Byzantine Rite:

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