Saturday, October 1, 2011

Can YouTube Teach? A Baptism Project


     One of the things that I want to teach my students this year is to discern sources of the content they find on the internet. An especially difficult  website for this is YouTube where the videos often don't provide much information about the author. So after lecturing about some basic facts I gave them a video assignment and the first night they had to: 
     Find Five Videos on the Sacrament of Baptism that teach different aspects of the sacrament.
  •      Make sure the videos are Catholic and accurate
  •     Ask yourself why can I trust this source?
  •     You can ask yourself these questions to help you decide
  •      Copy and paste the embed codes for each of the five videos into Evernote.

In class the next day I taught them to embed the videos in their blogs and they had to answer these questions for each video:
1.      Who made this video?  How do you know it is trustworthy?
2.       What did this video teach you about the Sacrament that you didn't already know? (If you already learned it in another video then you can't use it.)
3.      Was this video also entertaining or was it boring? How could it be more appealing? Explain
The last step was to create a Quiz using Google Forms and embed it on their blog. They were allowed to work in groups of 3 and they all had to take the quizzes made by the other groups.
Check some out:

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