Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Smart Use for SmartArt

One of the features I really like of Microsoft Word 2010 is the SmartArt graphics (it's in the insert tab) which have many different categories and shape for organizing ideas. It is really quick and easy to use and it is great for the students to clarify and connect the things they are learning.  Just the other day after we finished a lesson on Sacraments I asked them to pick what they though were the 4 major points we learned and create a graphic organizer using SmartArt. They whined a bit at first since it was their first time but with a little of coaching they finally figured out what to do. When they were finished I showed them the design options of making it 3D and changing colors and that is when I got a 'wow ' from them. Here is a couple of the good ones:

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