Friday, September 30, 2011

Mindmapping with Google

Collaborative mindmaps are great for brainstorming as a class and last year I used MindMeister but then my free trial expired.... This year I intended to use which is free and works just the same but I soon found out that the site was blocked on the student network (why???). So I turned to Google Docs and figure we would just write comments there but then it occurred to me to search their templates. I thought it was a slim chance but went ahead and searched for "mindmap", and to my great surprise there it was! So I shared it with the class and we had a great discussion. The beauty of it was the kids didn't need to create yet another account sine they all have a Google one (I made them get one on Day 2 of class). When we finished that I thought I try and search for "Venn Diagram" and it worked too so we had a discussion on Sacrament vs Sacramental that was also very successful.

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