Saturday, September 10, 2011

Don't Bring a Notebook Please

Don't bring a pen either I told my students and absolutely never print anything! We are going paperless! I even wrote on the board "This is a paperless classroom"and then handed out my syllabus on paper! In all fairness the school requires us to print it out and get it signed. Anyway besides the no lecturing style I adopted last year this year I'm going totally paperless and it has not been easy this first two weeks but the teens are finally getting there. 

I had planned it all out this summer...or so I thought. My first problem was when I found out from a student that the Mac version of Office doesn't include One Note! I had spent a whole day teaching them how to use it! So I decided we would use Evernote but the Macs still gave me trouble. Evernote requires a version of the Mac OS that some kids didn't have, so I Googled it of course and found an update then learned about a Mac app store... thankfully I seem to have a few Mac geniuses in the classes and they stepped in.  I think 90% of the students finally have Evernote up and running. I taught them how to install the browser plug-ins and clip entire pages to their e-notebooks. 
Since we are not lecturing we are using Etherpad (honors) and Google Docs (regular classes) for our class discussion notes and they are learning to save that to Evernote as well. My reward came when a couple of them asked me: "Can you tell the other teachers about this?"


  1. Hi Carmen! Exciting stuff! My yr8 RE class have also gone Paperless this term (week 8-9) and they have absorbed every bit of it. They are so much more engaged and actually WANTING to come to Religious Education classes.

  2. That's the beauty of it, when we engage them and use technology to get them to own their learning then they want to learn.