Sunday, June 5, 2011

Naked Bodies in Art - Whole Class Collaboration

Well while my regular classes worked on their debates I challenged my honor classes to create one single presentation (using Google Docs Presentation) on the used of the naked body in media and art. They had to work together so that it was one single slideshow and no repetition of information. They all read the three Papal Audiences on the topic and had to narrow in one point it made and do some research.  The written instructions were very simple because I wanted to give them some freedom. In fact this is what I gave them:

Each individual student needs to read and take notes on John Paul II audiences on April 22, April 29, and May 6, 1981. [submit these to Edline "project notes" assignment.]

Students then need to then split up and research other sources, find images and videos.

Lastly each student needs to contribute to the class presentation " Bodies in Art" in the links section of this website.  You will need to create a Google account if you don't have one so that Google Docs keeps track of your contributions and you can receive a grade.

So they first whined a little but with some guidance on choosing a topic and what keywords to use in their research... they all did a pretty good job.  You can see for yourselves right here:

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