Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wild River Rafting in my Room

No I didn't flood  my classroom nor did anyone get wet but we definitely have started a RAFT and it has been a wild ride so far. And I did get wet with the sweat of my brow as I prepared it ans explained it. But it's all good because the really exciting part is that I finally convinced the other two Junior Religion teachers to go along with me in this ride, and that is a first! Neither one of them went for the Eucharist Video idea and only one followed me on the Jigsaw but both are on board the RAFT. Yes it comes with a price: I agree they can send their students to me with any tech question.

So what is a RAFT?( Role-Audience-Format-Topic) It is a great activity to get kids thinking, writing and being creative with an topic in any subject. We are dealing with Ephesian 5: 21-33 and it is a very controversial text on Marriage. So I thought an activity that gives them choice would be a great way to deal with this hard topic. So far I have only introduced it to them and they got into groups and chose their RAFT.  Each Format was linked to the appropriate website and their homework was to login ad watch the tutorials. (One of the choices was a video site hence yesterday's blog entry) I'll let you know how it all ends!

Click Here for  the Lesson Plan

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