Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Not all Free Resources are Really Free

As I was preparing my lessons I wanted an easy to use online video making website for the students to use.I remember a link I bookmarked from Twitter "10 Fantastic Creative Multi-Media & Video Applications" so I decided to check them out. I focused on the ones for video that claimed to be free and as I proceeded to create accounts and use I realized all of them limited the free use to a 60seconds video. Some told you upfront but others like Stupeflix doesn't tell you till you try to publish your creation! I wasted a lot of time and I hope to spare you the trouble. The best really free site is not even listed there I found it on another Tweet and is called Animoto which gives teachers a free Plus account plus a code so that 50 students can also get a plus account. In my case I plan to have the kids use my own account. I'll tell you how it turns out later in the week.

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