Thursday, April 14, 2011

Eucharistic Miracles - Prezi Frenzy

At the same time that my Religion 3 classes are working on a RAFT my honors classes are doing a project on the Eucharistic Miracles Expo on our hallways. So what to do? I saw plenty of students from other classes walking around with a worksheet and copying information but I thought that didn't include a lot of creativity or critical thinking. After all I'm dealing with honor students! So I had them take out their cellphones (usually strictly forbidden inside our buildings!) and take pictures of 5 of the posters and pictures of the images withing the poster. Email the images to themselves and then create an amazing Prezi! In order to get ready for the assignment I assigned the how-to video of the Prezi site for homework as well as creating an account.  The results were way more impressive than the worksheets!

Click Here for the Lesson

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