Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Lent Craft - Glogster Poster

Every year at the beginning of the Lenten season my religion department is asked to do a Lenten craft or activity to get the teens to enter into the spirit of the season. Most of the classes do the same identical craft  every year so by the time I get them Junior year they are pretty tired of it, so this year I decided to do something different, I learned about the Glogster website from a Tweet on the #edchat trend and I checked it out. I thought it was wonderful and I could see the Lenten craft getting a major upgrade. Now when using Glogster the free educational account has only a limited amount of students so I ended up using their regular account, had each student create their own free account and then share their poster with me, it worked great!  The site allows them to choose a background or use their picture as background, it has great easy to use text tools and they can also add music and videos. The Teens really got into it and they were posting their Glogs on their Homepages, their Facebook or their desktops.

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