Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How a Song can Teach

Usually my way of using a song in class is to show them the YouTube video and then write s journal entry which is fine and good but at  most they give the song 3 min of their attention. Well it all changed when I came across the site Pixton (I used the for fun version which is free).  I wanted the kids to really examine the words of the song "I Dare You to Move" by Switchfoot so I had them create a 12 panel comic that told a redemption story but they had to use the lyrics of the song as text.  I made it clear this was more than illustrating the lyrics they had to tell a story. At first they struggled a little learning how to use the site but once they figured it out their creativity begun to flow. It was amazing and they really had to learn the meaning of those lyrics! I may be a religion teacher but this lesson involved art, technology, reading comprehension, interpretation.... and yes  lesson on God's infinite mercy.


  1. Very cool stuff, Carmen. I am glad to see that the embracing of technology is doing a good job of allowing your students to better connect with the curriculum.

    -Eric Stroupe

  2. Hi Carmen, this sounds like a great project and I hope to use it with my students. Did you have a rubic for this or did you just give the instructions you mentioned above?

    Thank you,

  3. I don't have a rubric for this one, I just gave them the lyrics and the website and explained what to do. Sorry!