Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Diary of a PBL - Day 2

Things went a lot smoother today, the students were on task and called on me for help with real questions. Although I still had  the following dialogue with a girl:
student: " I don't what we are doing, what is the project?"
me: did you read the directions?
student: what directions? I never saw them
me: did you download them?
student: from where?
me: take a wild guess
student: edline? (my teacher website is in there)
me: Yes! and that was the first thing I told you to do yesterday, can you please do it now? I'm not moving till i see them open on your screen.
As you can imagine once she bothered to read the directions all her questions were answered and she finally got along with the program, although she hadn't done any of the research either, but she stopped whining! But for the most part as exhausting as it was to keep going from group to group it was a joy to see leadership, discovery, collaboration and most importantly....learning!  Never during a lecture did I see all my students engaged! I tell you no one was sleeping... or even texting... they made each other stay on task. I was a little hesitant before starting about how they would behave but they taught me a great lesson: they are capable of taking charge of their learning... when you don't give them another choice!

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