Monday, February 28, 2011

Diary of a PBL - Day 1

As I shared in my last post change was going to keep coming into my classroom as I have decided to move away from lecturing as much as possible. In order to prepare for the lesson I had told them to log in onto their accounts (which we had used together as a class before) and create a map and figure out how to share it with their group members. Those who did so were ready to begin their projects today but I heard a lot of whining from those who had not done it. This was my favorite: "You didn't teach us how to share the map." I told him the point of the assignment was for them to figure it out ( they simply had to click the really big 'share map' button and follow the simple directions) I told him he should have done it himself, and he argued but how can we do it if you don't teach it to us??? The whole idea that I was expecting him to think on his own seemed totally unfair to him. May I suggest that the unfairness lies in that we have taught him too much? Everything has been a passive receiving of information and the results? A 16yr old that cannot figure out how to share the map.... well he's in for a wake up call because at least for this week he's in charge of his learning.

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